Junior quotarians at the 2018 changeover

Junior quotarians at the 2018 changeover

Quota International of Beenleigh Inc and JQ (Junior Quota Clubs) 

 Mentoring Programs

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In 2009, Quota International of Beenleigh formed the first Junior Quota Club in the South Pacific Region – the JQ Club of Beenleigh. This eventuated after Year 11 students, who had participated in Quota Beenleigh’s World Service Ambassador Program, expressed a desire to work on local community service projects. The JQ Loganlea Club was formed in 2011 and the JQ Windaroo Club was formed in 2015.

After months of meetings to come up with the concept all agreed that a Junior Quota club should be formed with the following guidelines:

  • Open to all high school students
  • Mentored by senior Quotarians
  •  JQ’s would run their own meetings
  •  JQ’s choose and run their own projects
  •  JQ’s decide the recipients of monies raised


The aims of the program are to:

  • Develop valuable life skills
  • Give independence of their own organisation, its goals and outcomes
  • Make a difference in their community
  • Mentor JQ's to run meetings, events and provide qualified instructors in leadership, public speaking, budgeting, personal and professional presentations, resume writing and much more
  • Provide an avenue for youth helping youth
  • Prove to young people that it is cool to help others

How it works:

  • The clubs hold 2 meetings per month
  • Beenleigh meets at the Lime Cafe at the PCYC on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3:30pm
  • Loganlea High meets in the school E-Learning Centre on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 12:50pm
  •  Windaroo meets at Beenleigh McDonalds on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 3:30pm

Programs run by JQ clubs:

  • Big Box Sleepout twice a year in May and October to raise funds for the homeless and disadvantaged youth (Logan)
  • Christmas packs for Children at Risk
  • Visits to the Logan hospital and local nursing homes
  • Donate Quota bears to the hospital and emergency service departments
  • QuoCKa reading in conjunction with other high school students at local primary schools
  • Volunteering at the Eisteddfod
  • Conducting fundraising - at McDonald Restaurants, Hoy Party, BBQs, etc.
  • Sales and wrapping at the Gift of Giving
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Our Mission Statement

We will attract to the Junior Quota organisation, team players who are people of integrity and who are responsible and loyal.

Your commitment can make a difference:

  • To your personal life through fun, fellowship, friendship, personal and professional growth
  • To someone who is helped through our service commitment
  • To the community with resources and services we provide
  • To your future business prospects through networking and leadership skills developed


    So make a difference to your life and that of your community by contacting us.

    www.quotabeenleigh.org.au (see more about the programs we run, the service we do in the community and the fun that we have)

    info@quotabeenleigh.org.au (to obtain more details)

    For more information or to join one of our JQ Clubs contact:

    Heather Christensen - Phone: 3804 0488

    Email: Eisteddfod@quotabeenleigh.org.au

    Write to: Quota International of Beenleigh - PO Box 34, Beenleigh, Qld, 4207

    For more information or to join one of our JQ clubs, please download the membership flyer here.

      Examples of Funds Donated:

      • QuoCKa reading books
      • Schools - Foodbank, internet access, reading and games resources
      • Beenleigh PCYC
      • Swags to the Salvation Army
      • St Vincent's de Paul money and collected goods and clothing
      • Centro Care, Daughters of Promise, Salvation Army, Radio Lollipop
      • Children at Risk Christmas Hampers
      • Juvenile Diabetes, Leukaemia Foundation, Fishers of Men
      • Care Bears and activity equipment to Logan hospital children's ward
      • Nursing homes

      Skills Training:

      • How to run a meeting 
      • Event aims and budgeting
      • Public speaking 
      • Volunteering 
      • Leadership 
      • Top Gear your Career 
      • Personal and professional presentation
      • Job readiness