QuoCKa Reading

Quota International of Beenleigh conducts a program in the local schools to help children to read. This program is called QuoCKa. The name stands for  

Quo =              Quota

C =                  Cops

K =                  Kids

A =                  Altogether          


It is based on a similar successful program run in the united states that is called "Cops and Kids".  The aims of the program are to:

  • Increase literacy levels of the children
  • Build a sense of community
  • To foster good relationships with kids and community members

How does it work?

Each child is given their own book in which their name is placed on the sticker inside the front cover. They will have someone to read it to them and sign it for them.

The program involves many people from the local community, not only  school children and the adopt- a -cop but also Quotarians, police, local politicians, local sporting heroes and high school students who volunteer their time to read and sign the books for the school children.

For a class of Grade 2/3 children with 25 students in the class: Quota will  provide 50 books. The children will be given their own book, and the other 25 will go to their school library. The book they are given has a sticker inside, and their name is written on the sticker, as the owner of the book. Quotarians organize "readers" to come along, and read one book at a time, to a group of about 6 children, and then they sign the book for the child.

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