2017 Eisteddfod - Group Dance

We just wanted tosay what a wonderful experience the Year Two children had performing at the Eisteddfod. Some of the children had never been in a theatre before, let alone back stage and then to perform on the stage. It was lovely to hear the feedback from the lovely adjudicator. All of the people working at the Eisteddfod on the day were very helpful, patient and encouraging, thank you.

We also wanted to say how grateful we are for fielding our 20 questions before the event, both students and teachers were out of their comfort zone, but we appreciate your patience.

Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to get our students out into the community in a cultural way. They will be absolutely over the moon with their banners and ribbons, thank you.

Kind Regards,

Melanie Eyears and Gina Lyons


Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School


Pamper Day for Flood Impacted Ladies

Dear President Gillian, Karen and all Quota Members

The afternoon tea was up to the usual impeccable QUOTA standard.

The room looked beautiful, the food scrumptious and all you ladies made everyone, guests and

volunteers, feel most welcome. I know that your guests left knowing people care and enjoyed being pampered.


Thank you for inviting me and my friends to be a part of the afternoon.



Pamper Day for Flood Impacted Ladies

Hi Karen

I'd just like to send you and the lovely ladies at the Quota Beenleigh again for the wonderful afternoon tea.  We feel so grateful of your supports. I felt the genuine care from everyone there.  It is so very generous of everyone of their time and the beatiful/ thougtful gifts.

Well done to the wonderful works that you and the ladies at Quota is doing.


2017 Music Eisteddfod

I would just like to send you a quick email thanking you very much for the opportunity for my students today.  After many of the Eisteddfods I have participated in over the years, this was my first at Beenleigh – and it was an absolute delight for both my students and myself.

I very much look forward to next years.

Again, my sincere thanks.

Cam Hart, Music Department

Tamborine Mountain State High School

2016 30th Anniversary Concert

hank you very much for letting Coco and Nina perform at the Beenleigh 30th Anniversary Concert. It was great experience for them. The concert was amazing. All the performers were up to such a high standard, I really enjoyed their performances. 

We really appreciate you and QUOTA people's effort to make this happen. Thank you very much again for your support. 

Kind regards Maiko Suzue.

2015 Eisteddfod

I just wanted to email you to let you know how fantastic the High school Dance competition was on Monday. My students had a ball and found the competition to be very fair. Quota was the first eisteddfod we attended that like ability schools were programmed together and this added to the enjoyment and success of our students. The adjudicator’s comments were specific and detailed – with constructive criticism at the core. She was friendly and engaged. Congratulations on a very well run and enjoyable day.

Shae, Group Dance

I just wanted to thank you and your team for another wonderful year. You all work so hard and the long hours didn't seem to wear you down.

Bonnie, Group Dance

Thanks so much or another fabulous eisteddfod. As always our kids thoroughly enjoy competing in your eisteddfod and our parents love attending your event in our local community. The volunteers are always a pleasure to work with and we do appreciate the many hours put into making the eisteddfod a success. Thanks so much.


I think the Beenleigh Eisteddfod is an excellent initiative and will continue to spread the word.

Elise, Speech & Drama Adjudicator

I must take the opportunity to thank the wonderful organisers of the Beenleigh Eisteddfod. Amy has participated in the Speech & Drama Eisteddfod for 2 years now and it is by far our most enjoyable. We love the way you organise it so that the age group can participate in a variety of sections all on the same day - rather than impacting on several days of school and lots of travel for us Mums. We fell the competitors are friendly and the ladies on the desks and announcers are just delightful. We sincerely love our day out to Beenleigh and it is thanks to Quota. So a big big thank you.

Travy - Speech & Drama

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you all. Some 10 years ago my daughter Gabrielle walked out onto the stage for the first time along with the encouragement of the beautiful Moya. The love and all the tireless work that ALL of you women put in year after year does pay off and we are thankful. Tonight we have come full circle and Gabrielle danced her last Eisteddfod after 10 years. With many tears backstage in the wings and with the same love and encouragement she took the stage and danced for the last time at Quota. Again I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you do.

Amanda, Group Dance

We had the most incredible time this year at all of your Eisteddfods and on behalf of the dancers and myself I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Loren, Group Dance

May I take the time to say that each year we thoroughly enjoy every aspect of your eisteddfod. The one thing that makes a difference are the ladies running the event. They are so wonderful, fun, personal and the kiosk food is the best. Thank you and we look forward to see you in 2016.

Kerryn, Solo Dance

JQs and QuoCKa - formidable partnership

Good afternoon,

This morning Tenille, Shanny and Brooke helped me give books to the Waterford State School Library. Shanny had an excellent prepared speech about her reading with JQs and QuoCKa and what it meant to her.

I put Tenille and Brooke on the spot and asked them to tell us what they got out of it and what it meant to them they both did excellent speeches - these girls did themselves proud and they are wonderful Ambassadors for Loganlea State High School and Junior Quota.

All the J Q,s are doing an excellent work with our QuoCKa, reading please give this feedback to the JQa.  

Robyn Clelland
QUOTA beenleigh


JQ Beenleigh Classroom to Career

Hi Heather

I loved presenting to those gorgeous girls on Saturday.  They were a great audience and I loved their enthusiasm and participation – and those of you 3 ladies.

 Some of the comments were:

 ·         I thought that is was an amazing experience and I just enjoyed myself the whole time especially the bubbly energy around me.

·         Thank you, your spirit made it very easy to learn and be part of this non-superficial, very beneficial presentation

·         This made me feel more confident in knowing what I should wear and what colours to wear to make myself feel amazing.  Fantastic presentation!

·         This presentation will really help me in the long run, for interviews, work and just dressing myself every day.

·         They were good demonstrations.  The presentation was very positive and relatable

·         The topics and presentation was such an inspiration!!  Thanks for the help and the boost in confidence

·         Love the presentation!  Each section with visuals was just what I needed.

They felt motivated, worth their time, interested and enthusiastic – which is great.

I am sure that that information will be so useful to them going forward in their lives.  Thank you for engaging me.  Yes, hope to see you at other events too.

 Warm regards,


 Debbie Whittle

2013 - Eisteddfod Feedback

Thank you very much for your well organised Eisteddfod of the last few weeks.  Amy really enjoyed your facilities and the warmth and friendliness of the volunteers. It was a pleasure to be there.

We also thank your sponsors for their kind donations of money and trophies which were much appreciated. Amy was most grateful to Joy Briarley and Cecilia Teys for their support.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Kind regards - Jill & Amy Arase

Evening with Quota - February 2014

Dear Moya,

You have developed a fan - I think that QUOTA does amazing things and I am preparing an email to send to students and colleagues to let them know that their Eisteddfod efforts don't just benefit themselves/ ourselves and students - but a much WIDER picture.

Please pass on my congratulations to your very positive committee and encouragement to the wonderful young people I got to hear talking - the unsung heroes within a community.

I was actually very humbled to hear of the work you do.  We all have talents to use in some way and I have great pleasure in volunteering in my organisations as well !

Best wishes Jennifer

Showcase Concert - November 2013

Thank you once again for asking the kids to perform .. they had a ball. I'm so glad the acts went off so well with the audience - and the past adjudicator! We had great feedback from quite a few people so my students all left the venue yesterday on quite a high! Merry Christmas to you as well and we'll definitely be back in 2014! - JoThank you Moya - the children an dparents really enjoyed the afternoon - Paula

Hi Moya, thank you so much, it was our pleasure to perform and the kids had a great time. We look forward to seeing you all again next year, you do such a wonderful job and we are so proud to be a part of it - Monique

Dear Moya, Thank you so much for having me. It was a very good experience for me and I was really impressed by the organisation and professionalism backstage - Jess

Dear Moya, Ben and Chiara were thrilled to perform on Sunday and they really enjoyed themselves. Thank you for the opportunity. I would gladly send along performers in future years should you like any of my students to be involved once again - Marianna

Thank you for your kind words to Madeleine. The concert was a great credit to you and all the Quota Beenleigh members - Margaret

Dear Moya, Thank you so much for your email - I am very happy that our performances cam across so well. We look forward to seeing you again at the Eisteddfod in 2014 - Amanda