Hand-in-Hand World Service

Quota's award-winning World Service Program, initiated in 1983, allows caring people to support viable service projects in developing countries. Now known as Hand-in-Hand world service, these effective service projects are run by local Quota clubs who understand the specific needs of their own communities. They are supported "hand in hand" by Quota clubs and individuals who care throughout the world.

Every penny donated reaches its intended project target. The We Share Foundation keeps nothing for overhead costs. Projects are reviewed and selected for inclusion every two years. And the Foundation's annual reporting requirements insure that your generous donations provide practical and effective support for real people in desperate need. 

2017 World Service Ambassador

Congratulations to all of our entrants, the presentations were all of an extremely high standard - the winners were:

1st - Jamie Horay - Cleveland State High School - Project: QI Cebu - Daycare Centre for Malnourished Children

2nd - Chloe Shute - St Stephens College - Project: QI New Delhi - Personal Care for Women

3rd - Hannah Taylor - Cleveland State High School - Project: QI Cebu - Daycare for Malnourished Children


World Service Projects Internationally


QI of DLF City: Project Shiksha

QI of New Delhi: Personal Care for Women in Need

QI of Sainik Farm: Preschool and Home for the Aged


QI of Kuala Lumpur: Life Coaching and Job Skills for Women and Deaf Adults


QI of Angeles: Learn to Earn

QI of Cebu: Daycare Centers for Malnourished Children

QI of Cebu South: We Share Bakery

QI of Davao: Kindergarten Enrichment

QI of Iloilo: Leganes Deaf Resource Center

QI of Las Piñas: Supporting a Pediatric Ward and Building Bridges for the Deaf

QI of Legazpi-Mayon: Stitch for a Living

QI of Mandaue: Vocational Training for Deaf Students

QI of Manila: Empowering Women and Children through Education

QI of Manila South: Special Education Center Multi-Purpose Room

QI of Metro Cebu: Special Education for Deaf and Disabled Children

QI of Pampanga: Learning Resource Center for Deaf Students

QI of Parañaque: Health Clinic Renovation

QI of Quezon City: Balik Ugnay: Reaching Out to Families


QI of Suriname: Stuka Prisiri: Enjoy Learning!