Welcome to Quota Beenleigh

Contact details:

President, Heather Christensen - 3804 0488

Eisteddfod, Heather Christensen - 3804 0488

Email: info@quotabeenleigh.org.au

Experience the feeling of community, friendship and giving

Quota Beenleigh Invites You to Celebrate the Power of You - Your invitation is waiting here

Dates to Remember for 2015

2015 Eisteddfod Dates

The Eisteddfod  dates for the 2015 are now available - the dates can be found on each of the individual Eisteddfod pages.

February - 20th - The Power of You

Join us for an evening of spreading the joy of community spirit and giving and see how unleashing the power of you can help make a difference to you and the world around you. Click here for you invitation.

March - 25th - Feel the Music

Now in its 3rd year, join with our hearing and speech impaired as they "feel the music". Join us for a fun packed day - all the information is available here.

May - 2nd - Annual Committee Changeover

Join us in a wonderful night of celebrating the year that has just passed, presenting our community grants and welcoming in the committee for 2015.

May - 20th World Service Ambassador of the Year

Open to all Year 11 students, more details can be found here.




The Power of You

A small amount of time can make a difference to you and those in our community who need help.

Giving to others provides quite some benefits to each individual, some of which are:

  • Lowers stress
  • Makes you happier
  • Can boost your skills
  • Opens up new networks
  • Buys you more time - studies have shown that those who give their time to meaningful causes feel capable of accomplishing more

Why don't you find out what Quota can mean to you - new skills, scale new heights, experience fun and friendship, help others.

We have members who range in ages from 20 to 80, a wonderful mix of warm and caring people. There is a place reserved for you.

If you would like to more, please contact us by phone or email. All our contact details are available from the Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Head over to our Photos Page to see all of 2014 in picture.