Letter to the Editor - Albert & Logan News

On Saturday night (2nd May), I had the privilege of attending the Quota International Beenleigh Change Over Dinner. 

I use the word privilege because that is exactly what it was, a privilege to see the amazing programs that QUOTA Beenleigh are running and the individuals that drive them. 

The underlying word for the evening was 'AWESOME' and I found myself repeating this word time & time again when trying to describe the enthusiasm and talent in the room. 

From the performances of the selected few via the annual QUOTA Eisteddfod, to the induction of the new committee, it was just outstanding and a real credit to all involved. 

It was evident that the young talent & leadership that was on display is a true replica of the community spirit and leadership demonstrated by the senior committee. Something our region should be truly proud of.  

QUOTA's international president, local Karen Murphy has the organisation beating the drum of "Put QUOTA in your hearts & your hearts into QUOTA", with what was on display on Saturday night, not a truer phrase could be applied. 

Congratulations needs to go to Heather Christensen and her team. The efforts that they go to to improve the lives in our local region is 'AWESOME'. 

A special mention to the young MC's for the event, Rebecca Payne & Cara Downes. Their presentations really set the tone for the evening and demonstrated perfectly the talent within this organisation. 

Congratulations to all. I hope your efforts & success continue to ripple throughout our community.  

Michael Rose 

BYCC Executive Administration Officer