JQ Beenleigh Classroom to Career

Hi Heather

I loved presenting to those gorgeous girls on Saturday.  They were a great audience and I loved their enthusiasm and participation – and those of you 3 ladies.

 Some of the comments were:

 ·         I thought that is was an amazing experience and I just enjoyed myself the whole time especially the bubbly energy around me.

·         Thank you, your spirit made it very easy to learn and be part of this non-superficial, very beneficial presentation

·         This made me feel more confident in knowing what I should wear and what colours to wear to make myself feel amazing.  Fantastic presentation!

·         This presentation will really help me in the long run, for interviews, work and just dressing myself every day.

·         They were good demonstrations.  The presentation was very positive and relatable

·         The topics and presentation was such an inspiration!!  Thanks for the help and the boost in confidence

·         Love the presentation!  Each section with visuals was just what I needed.

They felt motivated, worth their time, interested and enthusiastic – which is great.

I am sure that that information will be so useful to them going forward in their lives.  Thank you for engaging me.  Yes, hope to see you at other events too.

 Warm regards,


 Debbie Whittle